About Me & my Mr.

My name is Sarah and that handsome gentleman in the photo with me is my fiance Alex
This blog is a place where I can share our journey as a couple with you...and a place where I can read the stories of my memories with my husband to be. 

We have been a couple since November 20, 2007 and engaged since July 12, 2012
Alex and I have known for a few years that we wanted to get married, but now it is finally a reality. Many of our friends will tell you that "it's about time" we got engaged, but we stand firm in our belief that every couple is different and this is the perfect timing for us
Now, a little about us...
We are still kids at heart and plan to always stay that way. We love to have fun and goof around with each other. We spend most of our car rides singing horribly at the top of our lungs, with or without the radio on.
Alex is a musician. He plays just about any instrument you put in front of him, but he really shines on the bass and guitar. He is a very fast learner, good at picking up on just about anything he tries. Like many guys, he loves his video games (but I do too, so we get along great in that area). Alex is a true gentleman; the kind that is a gentleman at all times, whether anyone notices or not. Alex puts emphasis on treating all people right and constantly strives to be a better man than he was yesterday.
As for me...I am a photographer. Technically amateur at this point. I am still considering whether or not to pursue photography as my full time career. I love music, and I am a singer. Like I said, I enjoy a good video game now and then. I spend a lot of time online on various forums offering advice to teenage girls. It is very important to me that young women know that they have worth and deserve to be treated with respect. 
I like spending time with friends, relaxing and enjoying the simple beauty of laughter and being with people I love.

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